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Didi Siani - Cooking Party, Ft. Lauderdale FL

"Dulce made my late Sunday Gathering with the girls an event that we will always remember. For the first time I experienced a true (and Yummy!) Dominican food. The amazing feast began with baked cheese dish with oregano, olive oil and other secret flavors aside of a baguette and baked "salchichon" (beef salami).

Then we moved into a healthy chicken-vegetables dish with some deep aromas and the dessert was an exciting experience! By the flavors you can sense immediately the meal was prepared by a skilled and talented Chef. The seasoning was on point! Besides of the deliciousness, Dulce was a pleasure to be around. The kitchen filled with light and aromas in the moment she stepped in. She is well organized, clean and figured out my kitchen in 2 minutes - what a real pro!"

Didi Siani

Cooking Party - Ft Lauderdale, FL - February, 2018

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