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Cooking Classes

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If  you are here more than likely you are looking to learn how to cook, to improve your cooking skills, or maybe to have a different kind of event with your friends and family - and if so - you are in the right place. 

It is an honor to have the possibility to teach you how to cook.  I believe that cooking is a skill that will make a huge impact in your life.  Besides, my cooking classes are interactive and fun, you can invite your friends and family and we will start a party! 

Key things that sets our cooking classes apart:

Flexibility: You will have the flexibility to select a cuisine to cook, a skill to learn or a nutrition workshop with hands-on activities.

Individuality: No class is created equal. Classes are designed based on your personalized profile. We will create a class based on your cooking skills, your expectations and your learning goals.

Cooking classes are customized for teams, couples and friendly family competition.

Bring us your cooking and eating challenge and we will give you a cooking class that will support you!

Few things that you might want to know:

  • Locations:  Our cooking classes are held:  In your home, in any facility with a kitchen - such a club house, business office, retreat venues - or in one of the cooking schools where we are affiliated in the South Florida area.

  • What our cooking classes are NOT:

They do not require expensive nor special equipment

They are not cooking lessons with unusual or hard-to-find ingredients

They are not bland meals without flavor

They are not boring lectures

If you can relate to any of these situations - from real people that we have worked with - we will be able to support you and CREATE a cooking class designed just for you:

  • I love to cook but I get frustrated because I need to please a picky family, we all like different things and have different nutritional needs!

  • I like to cook, and I cook at home, but I don’t know how to use a knife properly. I want to have better cooking techniques and knife skills.

  • I want to include plant-based and gluten free ingredients in my meals and maybe eventually go vegetarian or even vegan.

  • I want to feel comfortable substituting meats for plant-based ingredients, and make dishes more substantial than a salad!

  • I want to cook fish with ease. I only eat fish out cause is always a disaster when I try to cook it at home!

  • I just want to have fun in the kitchen and learn creative alternatives from what I am cooking now!

  • I eat healthy but my family does not. I want them to see and taste that healthy can be delicious and easy to make!

  • My dad/mom/spouse is diabetic and have high blood pressure, we need to eat better at home!

  • We eat out too often and we are getting sick of it!

  • My fiance is a meat eater, and I consider myself a "pesquetarian"; I want her to learn how to make a few fish dishes and for us to learn how to make dishes that we will both enjoy!

  • I love to cook but being a stay home mom of three is not easy and I find myself getting frustrated when meal time comes by so fast and I end up grabbing the same packaged foods too often!

  • I want to add nutrient dense ingredients and make meals that will nourish my cells.

  • I want to be a smart grocery shopper; I would like to go in and out of the market and get the BEST ingredients for me.

  • I want to have easy access to my pantry, fridge and freezer. I have a lot of stuff that I don’t use or don’t even know I have!

  • I want to follow an X diet and I have their book, but the recipes are complicated. They don’t give me the menus and I want to know how to combine the recipes to make full meals for my family.

  • I would like to change my diet and I don’t even know where to start! There are soo many options...the Raw Vegan diet, Vegan diet, Vegetarian diet, Alkaline diet, Keto diet, “Eat for Your Blood Type” diet, the “How not to Die” diet, the No-Sugar, Salt, Oil diet!

  • I love sweets. I want to make desserts that are not bad for me and that I can eat them without guilt!

Cooking Class Formats

We offer three basic cooking class format, each described briefly below and in details in our shop page. The themes, menus and cuisines have no limit!

A one-time private cooking class

A private in-home cooking class for 1 to up to 4 people (available in other locations other than your home). This one-on-one cooking class in a small setting will allow you...
  • To learn basic cooking techniques, new cooking skills or to refine your current cooking skills

  • To get inspired to create plant-forward dishes and use nutrient dense ingredients for good health

  • To re-create your favorites dishes with healthier cooking methods & healthier ingredients

  • To get experience with hands-on cooking guided by a professional Chef

  • To learn to cook an entire meal from scratch

A 4-Weeks Cooking Journey

  • A 4-weeks, 3-hours, weekly cooking class journey, progressively crafted for your needs and to meet your cooking & eating goals.

  • This is a one-month commitment to YOU, to your health (and/or the health of your family) and to cooking and eating delicious meals for good health from the first class to the rest of your life.

A Group Cooking Party

  • A group cooking party is a fabulous way to celebrate any family or holiday occasion; a Birthday, Mother's Day, Bachelorette Party or just to have an excuse to get together.

  • Avoid all the hazzle of going out and bring your guests to your home, and we will start the party for you!

  • You and your guests will enjoy a delicious & nutritious plant-forward meal and a fun and interactive cooking class, while sipping a glass of wine.

  • The cooking party structure is flexible for each person to choose how involved they want to be.

  • It is the perfect combination of good eats, learning and fun!

Here are some examples of Cooking Classes we have created for our clients...

  • Getting Started:  Basic Cooking Techniques and Food Safety - Knife skills and safety.  How to read recipes.  Get organized in the kitchen.  Basic Cooking Techniques.

  • Sensory Perceptions:  Understanding how to develop flavor. Use of Herbs and Spices.  The composition of a great dish; balance textures and flavors.

  • Clean Eating - Nutrient dense meals focused on flavors:   How to create healthier versions of our favorite foods.  Holiday meals, BBQ, southern and latin dishes.

  • Cooking for me:  Easy tools and techniques to cook for one. Best meals to cook in bulk and how to store properly.

  • Easy, Fresh and Healthy Lunches and Snacks: Cooking, prepping and storing strategies to bring lunch and snacks to work on a daily basis.

  • Green is for Go. All about Veggies:  Learn how to purchase, store, clean, cut, prepare, cook and enjoy them in all your meals.  Learn how to make nutrient dense dishes that your kids will love!

  • Let's go fishing.  All about Seafood: Purchasing, selection, storing, cooking and preserving. Enjoy a delicious fish at home, you will no longer go out to enjoy your seafood!

Special Classes Combined With Wellness Workshops:

  • Recipe Revamp and Healthy Substitution:  The chef will help the client alter a favorite (not so healthy) recipe into a healthy alternative.  The Chef will cook together with client and demonstrate how to alter the recipe to a healthier version right in the kitchen.  During the session, they will discuss something about the recipe chosen and why and what were the changes performed.  Additionally, the client will receive the new version of the recipe to cook it on their own.

  • Pantry Make-over:   How to read food and ingredients labels.  The Chef will assist client in their home to arrange their cooking area with better flow and easy access to cooking tools.  Go through the pantry to help them understand label reading, help choose healthier foods and healthier substitutions, re-arrange food/ingredients for easy access.  Assist on grocery list re-creation with healthier alternatives and based on the Traffic Light cooking and eating lifestyle.

  • Smart Shopping Trips - Eating Clean in a Budget:  Strategies to cook, purchase, store, shop organic and healthier alternatives in a budget.   This service might include a trip to the client's preferred grocery store and teach them how to shop using the “shop the perimeter” method based on the Traffic Light cooking and eating lifestyle.   The service includes a snack prior to departure and strategies to prepare a grocery list using L.E.A.N. Principles.


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