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My Journey to a Good Health

My relationship with food...

Throughout my entire life my weight has affected my happiness because I have used food as a companion and comfort.  By the age of 12, I was more than 200 pounds. My mother quit her job as a Medical Doctor to be a stay-home mom and help me lose weight and be healthier.  We were cooking all our meals from scratch at home with wholesome natural ingredients.  I was full of energy and losing the weight easily.  The news got out and our friends asked us to cook for them.  Those years were the building blocks for the way I eat and cook today. 

The motivation I needed...

If you have been dealing with overweight, you probably experienced that unhealthy eating habits – along with the pounds - have a way to come back every time life throws a curveball. After having a baby, a divorce, seeing my sister dealing with breast cancer and  being diagnosed with a “chronic health condition” (as a result of diet and stress), my weight went out of control and I panicked.   Those  were a few of the reasons that gave me the motivation to take control of my health.

In search for a healthy weight....

For the past 12 years, I have being learning about nutrition,  how food affects my mood and actively working to have a healthy weight.   I have tried many diets, visited doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers.  In the process,  I lost 75 pounds and learned a lot, but also, I got injured twice and spent a lot of money and time making changes that were not easy to implement and sustain.   

When I came across a book from Dr. William Sears and learned about his scientific research, his approach to wellness immediately made sense to me.  His medical expertise gave me reassurance that this was the path I wanted to follow.  During the first weeks practicing his principles and making a few lifestyle changes, I lost 15 pounds. I was energized and inspired.

In 2018, I took my health to another level by attending the Life Transformational Program from the Hippocrates Health Institute where I spent 3 weeks eating raw vegan, exercising daily and leaving behind those few eating behaviours that no longer served me.  In those three weeks, I lost another 15 pounds.

Leaving a Legacy...

I have experienced the positive changes in my body, mind and energy.  Once I have easily implemented Dr. Sears nutrition and lifestyle changes recommendations and HHI principles, to my eating habits, there was no doubt that I needed to share it with my family and everyone.   

I envision a world where everyone is in good health, joyful, energetic and peaceful and it all starts with me.   That's the reason why I love to teach cooking and eating for good health which is also delicious and affordable!


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