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Happy Food, Happy Mood -  Virtual Cooking Class



A PDF Package with Highlight of the class (nutrients and food suggested), Menu, Recipes, Cooking Methods Guide, Prepping and Cooking Guide, Food Safety and Reheating Instructions AND video recording of the class.


Do you believe that foods have an effect in how you feel? They do because literally, we are what we eat!    What we eat affect all body functions, as well as our biochemistry - hence affecting mental health - and the signals the brain receives to create the "Happy Hormones" we need for a Happy Mood


In this virtual cooking class, you will learn which nutrient dense foods are best to eat to feel at your best! Chef Dulce shares which foods can have a positive effect in the mood and the emotions we experience, and how to easily incorporate them in your meals.   As you adventure in creating at home the delicious menu with the recipes you will receive, you will reshape your taste buds and crave Happy Foods for Happy Mood!



Rainbow Salad

Rainbow Chard and Red Radishes Salad

Balsamic Vinaigrette


Main Entrée

Harissa Spiced Broiled King Salmon

Roasted Broccoli, Lemon Zest

Mushrooms and Spinach Farro Risotto

Lemon Cashew Cream



Almond Joy Chocolate Truffle

On-Demand Virtual Cooking Class: Happy Food, Happy Mood

  • The PDF file you will receive, is for your personal use.  We ask you to please do not share or copy.  If you would like to get multiple copies, we will happy send at a discounted price.  Please contact us at with the request.   Thank you!  Chef Dulce

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