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A cooking party is a fabulous way to celebrate any family or holiday occasion; a Birthday, Mother's Day, Bachelorette Party or just to have an excuse to get together.  Avoid all the hazzle of going out and bring your guests to your home, and we will start the party for you!


You and your guests will enjoy a delicious & nutritious plant-forward meal and a fun and interactive cooking class, while sipping a glass of wine.    Flexible for each person to choose how involved they want to be.  


It is the perfect combination of good eats, learning and fun!

Cooking Party Package (10 Guests)

$850.00 Regular Price
$780.00Sale Price
    • Location:  This cooking party package is priced to be held in your home.  However, if you prefer not to, it could be in any facility with a kitchen, such a club house or in a business office.  Also, we can arrange the event to be held at a cooking schools where the Chef teaches cooking classes. Additional charges may apply when changing the venue.

    • Cost:  This is a special package for 10 guests.  Each extra guests, will be charged at $85.00 per person.

    • Flexibility:  You will have the flexibility to select a cuisine to cook, a skill to learn or a nutrition workshop with hands-on activities. Cooking classes can be customized for team and couples competition.

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