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For the Love of Cooking by Chef Dulce

"The True Cook is the Perfect Blend, the only Perfect Blend of Artist and Philosopher. He knows his worth: He Holds in his Palm the HAPPINESS of Mankind" :- Norman Douglas

Cooking is for some people one of the most difficult chores or even a waste of time.

I see cooking as an expression of myself.

Either you cook as a hobby, for friends, and family, for work, or just because you just have to eat.

Cooking is more than feeding your belly!

Cooking is an EXQUISITE Art and it can profoundly impact your life.

When I am in the kitchen I loose track of time. The Dulce Aromas, Colors, and Sizzling sounds transport my senses to another dimension.

Selecting the ingredients is one of my favorite tasks of cooking. Red apples, green peppers, fresh herbs and indulgent spices; all these products contributes to the folklore of the final creation.

And the Joy of Cooking Does not stop there;

the sound of plates, forks and knives, make a symphony at the table, which harmonize with the ohm's, ahh's and ummm's from the witnesses of my inventions.

Digestion starts even before we put food in our mouth. Our eyes dance, our heart beat fast, our appetites grow when we see a fabulous feast.

the sad part is that

the majority of us cook to satisfy our needs, because we are hungry. We place barriers where there are none.

It can get overwhelming just to choose what to eat, with all the hype of new diets coming out everyday.

On top of that, in social media, everyone is a Chef and we get confused with French terms, complicated kitchen equipment and fusion trends.

Let's forget all of that and just cook straight from your HEART!

Let your imagination fly. Combine, mix and stir and you will see how you will get the perfect meal.

The Kitchen is like my playground

Clay, Rubik cube, a ball, a bike and a slide all together creates a happy afternoon at the kinder.

Butter, flour, spatula, pots and pans all together create a DELIGHFUL meal for our table.

IMAGINATION, PASSION and JOY, are the KEY in both places. Therefore, a happy kid and a HAPPY COOK will always be the result.

If you have not tried cooking, I urge you to do it, and to help you start, here is my advise.

  1. Become familiar with your kitchen, make it a safe, fun and well lighted space

  2. Be excited about groceries, purchase vibrant, real foods

  3. Have the appropriate tools for cooking, and this does not mean complicated and expensive machines. Just a good quality pot and pan, a kit of sharp knifes, cutting boards, spatula, wooden spoon and measuring cups.

  4. Learn a bit about flavoring your dishes with spices and herbs, how to maximize the use of fruits and vegetables.

  5. Experiment with whole grains, making plant-based meals and dressings

  6. Use sustainable, lean and responsibly raised animal products in moderation and sporadically

  7. Don't be afraid of experimenting; be creative and relax. There are no excuses in the kitchen.

  8. Try one dish at a time and if you or the family likes it, perfect it by doing it so often that you will not sweat about it when doing it again. Then try another one...

COOKING is part of our lives; either we like it or not

When we are happy, or sad, in welcoming or good-byes; in births or deaths; there has always been food around.

I strongly believe that if we enjoy what we are doing, all our fears will disappear. We need to discover, explore and conquer in order to succeed.

We will enjoy looking at others savoring our dishes and we will eat better and feel better.

Cooking will then flourish as an art and as an expression of ourselves.

Happy Cooking and Eating for Good Health!

with Love, Chef Dulce

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" :- Virginia Woolf



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