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How to prevent your veggies from spoiling?

How to prevent my veggies from spoiling? This is a very common question I get...


The best method for good health and to prevent your produce to get spoiled is by eating them as soon as possible and as FRESH as possible!


EAT vegetables every day in every meal consistently🧄🧅🥦


Learn to plan your meals around plant based ingredients, learn different ways to prepare them and like them, if you like them, you will enjoy them and eat them more!


In my experience they get spoiled for two main reasons:

(1) We buy too many or too much without a plan to use them

(2) We usually forget what we bought, or what we already had, and we buy more!

Has that happened to you? 🥴



🥬Buy fresh produce weekly in small amounts - Do not buy produce in bulk - unless you are a huge family of vegetarians or if you juice them

👉Write an inventory list and place in front of your fridge door (I use a small dry erase board with a magnet) and write all the fresh produce you have purchased that week and any left-overs from previous week and place an asterisks to use those first.

👉In the same inventory add any produce you have already frozen and place an (F) next to them

👉Check them out from the list as you use them

👉Check your inventory daily and one day before the week end - if you know that you will not cook them soon enough...


- 🥒Pickled it - most veggies are delicious pickled and they will last a few weeks -

🥦Chop it and freeze it - most veggies are good frozen to use later for soups, stews, dressings, sauces or to be roasted, stocks, stir fries, casseroles, eggs or pizzas


🥬Use Herbs in mixtures to cook with and freeze (and aromatics) for example “recaito”, “sofritos”, compound butters, pesto


🥕Juice it - veggies only or fruit and veggie combinations and freeze to make sorbets



Clean, peel and chop the veggies or fruits; separate them in a tray so they do not touch, freeze them for 30 minutes until hard then store in a bag and add a label with date and include in your inventory


Happy Cooking and Eating for Good Health, 💖Chef Dulce



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