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Prime-Time Health Workshop

Prime-Time Health is for those who want to take charge of their health, prevent disease, avoid disability and spend money on something other than medications and office visits!  It is a scientifically proven plan for healthy aging that is taught by Certified Coaches through interactive workshops.  

Prime-Time Health workshops teach how to:

  • Open your internal pharmacy

  • Make health your hobby

  • Move waste from your waist

  • Live without pain and inflammation

Dates:  To be confirmed

Duration: 90 minutes

Formats: Prime-Time Health is delivered in 4 workshops of 90 minutes each to cover the topics listed above.  The participant can choose to take one session depending on individual needs or purchase the package with the 4 sessions.   The four sessions are also available online to be learned at individuals pace and time.

Where:  Coral Gables, FL and Miami Lakes, FL 

Includes:  Hands-on activities, workbooks, light meal and recipe.


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