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Soulful Power - Christian De La Huerta

Soulful Power Retreats - Soulful Breath, Soulful Brunch

Besides being a loving and humble spirit, Christian de la Huerta is an award-winning author, respected teacher, speaker and leader in the field of self-development and personal transformation. Since 2010, I have cooked for many of his retreats at the Goddess Temple in Coconut Grove and I am honored to call him a friend.

Our recent venture is the Soulful Breath Soulful Brunch which has been a hit since we started the series this year. The next one will be held at the end of June or beginning of July, if you would like to share this experience with us, join our newsletters to receive the invitation.

Discover how Soulful Power Programs can help you experience your greatest potential, transforming your life into inspired living. Visit his website at

Photo Gallery / Soulful Breath, Soulful Brunch

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